How This Creator Used Her Channel To Grow Her Business

Influencer and New York native itsKristiii runs both a successful YouTuber channel and a thriving Etsy shop. She has more than a quarter million subscribers and thousands of sales, making her one of the biggest players in the online slime community.

Here’s how itsKristiii used her channel to grow her business.

She established herself as an expert in her niche.

Kristi has been making YouTube videos on and off for almost ten years. However, she didn’t start making slime videos until 2017. She began mixing slime reviews in with her other lifestyle and beauty content. Within a year, slime became the main focus of her channel.

Now, most of Kristi’s videos are slime reviews. She’s well-known for giving honest reviews of slime packages purchased from other independent creators as well as department stores and online retailers.

She features her own products prominently in videos.

The majority of Kristi’s videos showcase other creators’ products. However, every time she restocks the products in her own Etsy shop, she makes a video to show fans and potential customers exactly what she has to offer.

She doesn’t just show the slimes she has for sale in their packages or for a few quick seconds. Rather, the entire restock video is dedicated to showing exactly what’s included with each new product and how much fun they are to play with. She goes over each new product in detail, specifying what makes them unique.

She offers viewers exclusive discount codes.

Every time Kristi uploads a new slime shop restock video, she also shares an exclusive discount code with her viewers. She mentions it in the video, and she puts it in the video description as well. She’s specific about how much of a discount the code will give and how long it will be valid.

Kristi advertises her shop in videos other than restocks as well. For example, in this video, she linked her most recent slime shop restock in the end screen. She also left a link to her shop in the video description along with a message urging viewers to order the slimes they wanted before they sold out.

Like itsKristiii, you can use your YouTube channel to grow a small business. Establish yourself as an expert in your niche by creating videos related to your products. Then, feature your products prominently in videos and offer exclusive discount codes.

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