How This Creator Turned Her Unique Passion Into A Career

Creator Micarah Tewers is obsessed with DIYing her own costumed out of thrifted materials. Earning more than 800,000 subscribers in less than two years, she’s on the fast track to hitting her first million.

Here’s how this creator turned her unique passion into a career.

Her videos are educational as well as entertaining.

Micarah is passionate about designing her own costumes. She creates everything from scratch, using her sewing skills to turn things like bed sheets and tablecloths into cosplays and evening gowns. Unlike a lot of creators who gravitate away from their channels’ original intents when they start to grow, Micarah continues to focus on her unique style of DIY.

Every video is structured as a tutorial, enabling viewers to follow along. Even if viewers don’t plan to turn an old couch into a dress like Micarah did, they can learn a lot about sewing and creating their own outfits by watching her videos.

Her videos are timely.

A lot of Micarah’s videos keep up with the current trends in fashion and pop culture. Her video titles often include relevant search terms, such as characters or styles of clothing viewers may be looking for.

For example, she leaned into the awards season buzz by recreating one of the most talked-about dresses from the Grammys red carpet. Her Ariana Grande-inspired video reached more than three million views in under a month.

Her content is incredibly unique.

As hard as they may try, viewers can’t find another channel quite like Micarah’s. Her videos aren’t just sewing tutorials. Each video is also a mini-vlog. They feature unique thrifting hauls, her pet chickens, and RV life.

Micarah’s videos have a lot of personality. Even viewers who aren’t interested in learning how to DIY costumes themselves enjoy the format of her content.

Micarah Tewers turned her unique passion into a career by putting her all into a YouTube channel. She’s on track to reaching her first million subscribers before the end of 2020.

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