How This Creator Turned Her Personal Mission Into A Successful Channel

Madison Harnish, the creator behind Cruel World Happy Mind, has made it her personal mission to expose companies with bad business practices and low standards of ethics. By talking about these companies in videos, she’s been able to build a strong community of viewers who are now also well-informed.

Here’s how Madison Harnish turned her personal mission into a successful video.

She chose a popular video format.

So-called “tea” videos are incredibly popular among viewers. These videos “spill the tea” on creators and celebrities, going into detail about the rumors and gossip floating around the internet. Viewers enjoy these videos because they bring all of the relevant information and proof together.

Madison applies this popular format to multi-level marketing companies. In each new video, Madison focuses on exposing the lies and drama surrounding a different MLM. While a lot of people talk about these companies online, viewers can turn to Madison’s videos for the whole story.

Her videos are thoroughly researched.

Madison doesn’t simply reiterate hearsay. Rather, she does in-depth research about every MLM she makes a video about. She makes sure she understands the company’s original mission statement, its history, and how it operates. Then, she goes into groups and threads concerning these companies to find screenshots to share with her audience.

A lot of her research comes from people’s personal stories. While she obscured identifying information, Madison shares the personal stories others have posted about MLMs so that viewers can see the real world effects these companies have. For example, this video centers on a horror story one person shared.

She makes her chosen topics relevant to her audience.

A lot of Madison’s viewers have seen their own Facebook friends or Instagram followers fall victim to an MLM. They may have even unwittingly been scammed by an MLM themselves once upon a time. However, not every viewer has personal experience with one of these companies, so Madison finds other ways to make her videos relevant to a wider audience.

For example, a lot of viewers her age grew up watching the Spy Kids movies, so they’re very familiar Alexa Vega. Many of them may even follow the actress on Instagram. So, Madison used Alexa Vega’s Instagram posts to make a video about celebrity involvement with MLMs more relatable.

Creator Madison Harnish is both entertaining and educating her audience by exposing bad business practices. Her channel, Cruel World Happy Mind, has gained thousands of subscribers in only a few short months.

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