How This Creator Turned Her Love Of Theater Into A Successful Channel

Actress Katherine Steele is using her YouTube channel to change the definition of a successful theater career. She’s built up an impressive following of fellow self-proclaimed theater nerds. Her main channel has more than two hundred thousand subscribers, and her videos consistently get tens of thousands of views.

Here’s how Katherine Steele turned her love of theater into a successful channel.

She shares her experiences as a professional in her content niche.

When it comes to theater, Katherine is a performer as well as a fan. She’s had several roles in professional productions, including Disaster! the Musical, Evil Dead the Musical, Love’s Labour’s Lost the Musical, and Into the Woods. She often takes her viewers backstage with rehearsal vlogs.

Establishing her credibility as a professional theater actress gives Katherine a leg up in her content niche. While other vloggers may talk about their favorite musicals or their school plays, viewers know they can turn to Katherine for expert opinions and advice. By sharing her onstage successes, she demonstrates how well her advice works.

Over the course of her career, Katherine has taken on many different roles, giving her a wide breadth of experience to pull from. She discusses a lot of her past performances in this video.

Many of her videos offer helpful, actionable advice.

A lot of Katherine’s subscribers are performers themselves. Not only do they look to her for inspiration, but they also turn to her for advice. Therefore, she creates a lot of advice videos geared towards aspiring actors and actresses. She discusses both the audition process and the performances themselves.

So many viewers watch Katherine’s advice videos because her tips are actionable as well as helpful. Drawing from her own experience, she is specific and detailed. She doesn’t sugarcoat the difficulties her viewers may face, either. For example, in the video below, she got real about making money as a theater performer.

She stays on top of the latest Broadway news and trends.

Katherine doesn’t just talk about her own experiences with theater. Rather, she shares her thoughts and opinions about what’s currently happening on Broadway. She stays up-to-date on the latest theater news so that she can keep her viewers in the loop.

She also talks about the most popular musicals, many of which have fans who aren’t interested in performing themselves. These videos can appeal to both performers and casual theater fans alike. Oftentimes, she breaks down trending stories about popular musicals to help non-performers understand what’s happening.

Katherine Steele turned her love of theater into a social media career. Both fellow performers and theater fans subscribe to her successful channel for acting tips and Broadway news.

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