How This Country Singer Became A Music Star

Hunter Hayes is a top-selling country artist. He’s also an accomplished songwriter and instrumentalist.

Here’s how Hunter Hayes became a music star.

1. He can play more than thirty instruments.

One of the reasons that Hunter was able to break into music so successfully is the fact that he’s just so good at it. Hunter is only twenty-five, and he can play more thirty different instruments. His musical proficiency caught the attention of many entertainment moguls when Hunter was still young.

2. He made his name with a self-titled album.

Hunter first launched onto the music scene with his 2011 self-titled album. Hunter Hayes reached the seventh slot on the Billboard 200. He re-released the album a few years later with a few new songs.

Hunter made it big with the single “Wanted.”

3. He continued to tour extensively.

Since signing with Atlantic Records Nashville, Hunter has played shows all over the world. He continues to play everything from country festivals to stadium tours.

Fans adore Hunter’s live performances.

Hunter Hayes continues to play major shows all across the world. His musical proficiency led to a career that took the country charts by storm.

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