How This Animator Uses His Channel To Showcase His Skills

Hyper is a channel devoted to one artist’s animation work. By uploading his projects to YouTube, he is essentially making a public portfolio for anyone to view. It’s a brilliant way to share his art, but in some subtle ways, he’s doing more than just that.

Here’s how Hyper is doing it right.

1. He’s building an audience.

Hyper creates videos that attract people who might not want to just look at some animator’s portfolio. He augments the channel with goofy projects.

By growing an audience, he is showing potential partners or employers that his work already has interest. This is probably the best thing the channel is for. It’s like saying “not only am I talented, I know what people want to see.”

2. He showcases his strongest talents.

The majority of Hyper’s videos are reworks of reloading animations. It seems simple and mundane, perhaps, but by building the channel around it, he manages to set the expectation for his work. He’s an expert with a slim area of expertise. There’s still certainly a market for that.

In fact, the most recent Battlefield game draws inspiration from this practice by creating dozens of unique reload animations. This may be coincidental, but it’s a sign that there is a market for this talent.

3. He uploads tutorials to show his expertise.

By teaching others how to create similar animations, he is showing that he truly knows the craft. His tutorial videos are in depth and cover how to create exactly his type of content.

He’s mostly doing this as a service, allowing his own community to expand. This just adds to the idea that he is a devoted animator with talent and passion for the craft.

Hyper uses YouTube to get his name out there for anyone hiring animators. According to his updated bio, it worked, and he now has a job as an animator. No matter the skill, YouTube is a great way to make a public portfolio.

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