How One Music Video Generated 12 Million Views

YouTube content creation has become a gateway for unknown talented people to become noticed and reach immense levels of success. For music artists, it has become common practice to produce and upload content on YouTube in order to market their own music.

Musician Action Bronson has reached a great deal of fame in recent years. Below are the reasons why Action Bronson’s music video for “Actin Crazy” earned more than twelve million views on YouTube.

1. Action Bronson’s musical talent is impressive.

Action Bronson is a talented hip-hop/rap artist who has produced a number of popular songs. Each song he creates both sounds and feels unique. His lyrics showcase his skills in communicating with his listeners.

Below is an example of his musical talent.

2. He has an active personality and has marketed his brand successfully.

Action Bronson is a very entertaining individual because he usually records his adventures, which gives insight into his personality. He’s featured on several shows, such as Watching Ancient Aliens.

He is a celebrity food personality as well, which stands out compared to other rap artists, and his music usually discusses his love of exotic foods. Below is an example of this with a segment from one of his shows.

3. His music videos are entertaining.

Action Bronson’s music videos are creative and entertaining because they usually combine real life situations with popular memes. They showcase his artistic mindset and ability to communicate his message to his fans and viewers.

Below is the music video for “Acting Crazy.”

Above are the reasons why Action Bronson’s music video for “Actin Crazy” earned over twelve million views on YouTube. He is a talented rap artist who has a unique sound, and appearing in different shows gives him a great deal of publicity. His music videos show his artistic mindset and are fun to watch.

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