How This Comedy Duo Turned Their YouTube Videos Into A TV Series

British comedy duo Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs have been making videos together for over a decade. In 2016, they had an opportunity to take their unique style of humor to a new platform. Partnered with Fullscreen, they created and starred in the TV series Jack and Dean of All Trades.

Here’s how this comedy duo turned their YouTube videos into a television series.

They built a large audience online.

The show’s title is based on the name of their shared YouTube channel, Jack and Dean. They started the channel in 2008 after meeting in secondary school. Together, they create high production-value comedy sketches.

As of early 2020, Jack and Dean have more than 600,000 subscribers. They’re well-known in the British YouTube community. Their videos average several hundred thousand views.

They partnered with an online company.

Unlike traditional media companies, Fullscreen is predominantly online-based. When they released a video-streaming app in 2016, Jack and Dean were among the creators Fullscreen asked to create content for the platform.

Jack and Dean of All Trades was available exclusively on Fullscreen’s streaming app. The show ran for two seasons before Fullscreen put an end to its streaming service. However, Jack and Dean were able to get the rights to their show back, and they uploaded it to their YouTube channel in 2018.

They played the same characters fans were used to seeing in their YouTube videos.

In their YouTube sketches, Jack and Dean always play caricatures of themselves. Dean portrays a well-meaning but curious friend who always gets them into trouble, and Jack plays the long-suffering friend who must always get them out.

On the show, they also play themselves. Viewers were familiar with the characters of Jack and Dean, but the world around them was completely novel. So, it was similar to the content they loved while transitioning well into a longer format.

They led the writing and directing of the show.

Jack and Dean are credited as the show’s co-creators. However, they did more than just come up with the concept and star in the production. They partnered with Paul Neafcy to write the series.

Alongside Matt Holt, Jack also directed the show. In 2016, they were nominated for Best Direction at the Streamies. Dean was nominated for Best Actor the same year.

Jack and Dean were able to turn their YouTube sketches into a series by partnering with an online media company. Now, viewers can enjoy the series from their YouTube channel.

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