How This Channel Reached A Million Subscribers During Its Debut Week

An offshoot of Rhett and Link’s popular Good Mythical Morning channel, Mythical Kitchen debuted in January 2020. Featuring Mythical Chef Josh and a rotating cast of other Mythical Crew, the new channel hit its first million subscribers within a week.

Here’s how this channel reached a million subscribers during its debut week.

They encouraged fans to subscribe before launching the channel.

Before it was Mythical Kitchen, the channel was simply known as “Mythical.” This side channel had been in use before, but Rhett and Link retired it. However, as Chef Josh’s GMM segments grew in popularity, fans began to demand more kitchen content.

Every Sunday. Chef Josh had his own episode of GMM. In the middle of each video, he’d stop and ask viewers to subscribe to the Mythical channel. This helped the channel gain hundreds of thousands of subscribers before its first video went live.

They transferred content from the original GMM channel to the new one.

All of Chef Josh’s GMM videos were transferred from the company’s main channel to Mythical Kitchen. So, instead of just a few new videos, the channel has content from several months back.

Transferring the videos allowed them to keep their view count while also keeping their content organized. Even though videos like the one below originally debuted on the GMM channel, they can now be found on Mythical Kitchen.

They had several series ready to go.

All of the series that Chef Josh started on GMM now have new episodes premiering on Mythical Kitchen. The channel header advertises new episodes of his most popular series, “Fancy Fast Food,” every Tuesday.

The new channel is also introducing new series, such as one in which Chef Josh shows viewers how to make popular dishes that have been featured in GMM. He kicked off the new series with In-N-Out Animal Style mac and cheese.

Mythical Kitchen reached a million subscribers in its debut week by encouraging fans to subscribe before it launched. Transferring videos from the main channel to the new one also helped bring in more viewers.

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