How This Channel Built Up An Audience of 3 Million

Video game commentary has become a popular content format choice for many YouTubers. This has been a way to gain views and bring attention to a channel, as some of the biggest YouTubers such as Pewdiepie and Markiplier have used this type of format. One YouTuber who utilizes this format is DashieGames.

Below are the reasons why DashieGames has earned over three million subscribers on YouTube.

1. His gaming content is entertaining.

Dashie plays many different games on his channel. His video content is entertaining because it not only shows him playing games, but it also features memes and his own reactions to in-game situations.

He will often do walkthroughs of video games, but he will also do multiplayer as well. His content is funny and interesting to viewers.

Below is an example of DashieGames’s gaming content.

2. His personality and commentary are appealing to viewers.

Dashie’s videos would not be as interesting if he wasn’t so active with his commentary and reactions. His videos usually involve gameplay with a face cam, which adds entertainment value to the video.

Dashie’s personality is appealing to viewers and makes normal video game videos much more creative.

Below is an example of this.

3. Dashie’s video thumbnails are creative.

What makes Dashie’s videos earn quite a few views is his thumbnails and video titles, which are eye-catching. The video thumbnails and titles usually relate to the video content and also add suspense.

Below is an example of one of his video thumbnails.

Above are the reasons why DashieGames has earned over three million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His gaming content is interesting, and his personality and commentary add entertainment value to his videos. His video thumbnails and titles are eye-catching to viewers.

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