How Lana Del Rey Became A Music Superstar

Musical artists have often struggled with bringing attention to their work. One way they have been gaining listeners is through social media marketing. YouTube is a popular choice for musicians, such as Lana Del Rey.

Below are the reasons why Lana Del Rey has earned over five million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

1. Lana Del Rey became famous for her strong vocals.

Lana Del Rey is an established singer who has become famous due to her unique voice and the music she produces. Her music is heard often in commercials and in movies. Her voice is different and sounds like it belongs in an earlier time.

Lana Del Rey’s music genre would be classified as pop, but it is diverse in style.

2. Her music videos are very artistic and appealing to viewers.

Lana Del Rey’s music videos show her artistic talent and taste. They often give off a particular tone and portray the meanings behind the lyrics. Her music videos tend to be dark and dramatic, which is entertaining to viewers.

Below is an example of one of her music videos.

3. Lana Del Rey’s music is heard in various media, and her collabs have raised her own music profile.

Her music marketing has been successful, and due to this, she has become a musical icon. Lana Del Rey’s music is heard in movies and television series, which adds to her popularity.

The collabs she does with other musicians have also increased her listener base. Below is a collab she did with The Weeknd.

These are the reasons why Lana Del Rey has earned over five million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Her voice is distinctive and interesting, and her music videos showcase her artistic ability. Lana Del Rey’s music marketing and collabs have gained her popularity as well.

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