How This Channel Beat The Million Subscriber Mark

YouTube has a diverse range of videos and content creators who may focus on particular subjects or niches for their videos. One such Youtuber is Slikhaar TV, which is a channel run by Danish twins Emil and Rasmus. Their particular focus for their channel is men’s hairstyling and fashion. Their channel has seen some popularity in recent years, and they have actually opened up a hairstyling studio.

These are the reasons why Slikhaar TV has gained over one million subscribers.

1. Their hairstyling videos inspire viewers across the globe to get creative.

Slikhaar TV uses a simple format of hairstyling in their videos but makes it fun and entertaining. Their videos vary from actual haircuts to tutorials on using hair products. They usually take inspiration for their haircut videos from a celebrity, soccer player, or a current trend.

Their videos start with a person who wants to achieve a certain hairstyle. Then, it shows the progression through the haircut and styling with before and after parts.

Below is an example of one of their most popular videos, which shows a hairstyle inspired by Real Madrid futbol star Cristiano Ronaldo.

2. The hosts interact with their viewers.

Slikhaar TV takes requests from viewers for their next videos. Most viewers will comment on what they will want for a future video, and Slikhaar TV usually follows through with popular requests. They also have a store with products and do giveaways for their viewers.

In their videos, they also respond to viewers who inquire about lengths of haircuts and particular hair products. Below is an example of their interaction with their fans.

3. Their video content format and camera angles work together to create something eye-catching.

Slikhaar TV makes videos entertaining and eye-catching due to the quality cameras they record with. They record their videos with care, as they make sure to have the right angles for a hairstyle so as not to confuse their viewers. The format of their videos is standard, as they focus on a particular hairstyle with great detail.

Below is an example of one of their videos.

These are the reasons why Slikhaar TV has gained over a million subscribers. Their focus is on both hairstyling and making it entertaining. The interactions they have with their viewers and their requests make their channel more responsive to their views. Lastly, their content and camera angles make their videos different from other hairstyling channels on YouTube.

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