How This Breakout Artist Attained a Chart-Topping Single

Anne-Marie may not have been a household name prior to 2016, but with her recent success in the music industry, she’s sure to gain more attention as 2017 progresses. Most recently, the English artist was featured on Clean Bandit’s “Rockabye,” singing alongside Sean Paul about the struggles of a single mother and the love she has for her child.

The song’s popularity landed it number one on the Official Singles Chart for a solid nine weeks. So how did the rising artist make it to the top with such authority?

Here’s how she did it.

1. She’s been open to collaboration.

In addition to her work with Clean Bandit, Anne-Marie’s collaboration with the English band Rudimental has played a huge role in her recent success. Her work with the band placed her atop MTV’s annual Brand New list in the beginning of 2016, and Clean Bandit later admitted to picking up on her talent during her time with Rudimental.

While sharing the limelight can be tricky, collaboration can also give you new exposure and open doors you couldn’t reach on your own. This is key to kickstarting a career in the music industry. Don’t be afraid to team up with a fellow artist and see what opportunities are thrown your way.

Check out Rudimental’s video “Rumour Mill” featuring Anne-Marie here.

2. She’s kept drama to a minimum.

After two years of working on her vocals with Rudimental, Anne-Marie was ready to focus on her solo career, but not without acknowledging the role her fellow musicians played in her success. Rather than stirring up drama on social media, they parted on good terms, allowing both parties to move on in a positive manner.

Acting professionally, both in person and online, is crucial in the early stages of your career. Had she and the band had a massive fallout on Twitter or Facebook, her future collaboration with Clean Bandit and Sean Paul might have been put at risk.

Watch Anne-Marie discuss her career path below.

3. She stays connected with her audience.

Just because Anne-Marie isn’t causing problems on social media doesn’t mean she isn’t using it. She makes sure that her fans know what she’s up to by always keeping her Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube up to date. This way, she not only keeps her fans engaged with her on a more personal level, but she is also able to promote new music and get more views on her videos.

Maintaining multiple media outlets as an artist can be challenging, but it’s well worth it if you are able to engage your audience and frequently come out with new material. Try mixing it up with live performances, new music, and personal pictures to stay on top of the social media game.

Watch Anne-Marie perform live for the BRITs 2017 Critic’s Choice here.

Transitioning from a small-time artist to a chart-topper is a big jump, but Anne-Marie seems to have managed the transition smoothly and with a touch of elegance. Follow in her footsteps to get the full benefit of new opportunities and kickstart your own music career.

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