How This Beauty Vlogger Gets Thousands Of Views

Makeup has become a huge part of the YouTube community, and it’s normal for anyone to wear makeup. Alexis is a beauty YouTuber who enjoys sharing makeup tips and likes to stay in contact with her viewers. Aside from posting makeup tutorials, she also posts others videos that keep up with the trends.

Here is how Alexisjayda increases her views.

1. Alexis likes to keep up with what is popular at the moment.

Every couple of weeks, there are different trends that emerge. She creates content that stays relevant to what the makeup community is doing. She creates tutorials so that her viewers can recreate her best looks.

Staying relevant to trends is important because it increases the chances of your videos being seen. Many people search for new makeup trends because they want to learn how to recreate them. Keep up with what is most popular because your content will have the chance to be on the top trends.

2. She creates giveaways for her fans.

Alexis likes to do giveaways with different kinds of makeup brands. She gives away makeup products that are popular so that more people are interested in her giveaways.

This is a strategy to attract viewers to your channel. Many beauty YouTubers create contests and giveaways to create interaction with their viewers. Giving away a gift to your viewers can be a good tactic to attract subscribers.

3. Her vlogs are mostly about events that are special for her.

Alexis shares her everyday life events through her vlogs. She likes to show her viewers how she spends her free time. It is a way for her keep her fan base updated.

Creating videos that show who you are and that are personal to you can be a good way to show your viewers that you are no different from them. It helps create a personal connection and increase viewer interaction.

It is important to create content that you are passionate about. Stay on the path that you started it with so that the videos are constant. Alexis created an image for her channel, and she creates videos that she stay in the range of her image.

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