How This Beauty Vlogger Gained 4 Million Subscribers On YouTube

Jaclyn Hill is one of YouTube’s most successful beauty vloggers. Throughout her career, she has gained a massive following of more than four million viewers. Recently, her channel has taken new leaps and she has created her own beauty products and collaborated with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian.

How does she do it?

1. She has a bubbly and unique personality.

Hill herself has used the word “obnoxious” to describe her personality. She is outrageously outgoing and fun, which makes her videos extremely entertaining.

2. She has a niche audience.

Hill focuses almost entirely on beauty and makeup on her channel. She doesn’t try to appeal to any other audience than those looking for beauty and makeup content on YouTube, which allows her to focus her attention on one topic and perfect it rather than spreading herself too thin over numerous topics.

3. She uses collaborations to promote her channel.

To get more exposure and grow her channel, Hill, like many YouTubers, collaborates with other YouTubers and celebrities. She worked with Kim Kardashian to promote KKW Beauty.

Jaclyn Hill has strategically gained a following on YouTube by perfecting her niche topic and using her fun personality to appeal to viewers. Her unique, fun personality and constant exposure have set her apart from others trying to make it in the makeup world. This has allowed her to become incredibly successful.

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