How This 21-Year-Old YouTuber Gained 10 Million+ Subscribers

Bethany Mota, also known as her YouTube name Macbarbie07, has become a huge sensation in the YouTube world since the moment she joined back in 2009. Her channel has grown throughout time, with some of her videos surpassing ten million views.

With so much success, you may wonder how this came to be. Take a glance at how Bethany became such a popular YouTuber at just 21 years of age.

1. Her videos don’t focus on just one topic or theme.

Bethany’s videos are very appealing to the eye, which makes it difficult to pick which video to watch. One thing you can definitely notice, though, is that her videos are all different.

She has DIY projects specifically for room decor, food, clothing, and other cool stuff. She also releases videos on outfits for all sorts of occasions, makeup tutorials, collabs, and hairstyles.

2. She started a fan base.

Every famous person has a fan base and a special name is given to refer to them. Bethany calls her fans Motavators, which has created a whole world of people who admire her.

3. She went on tour to meet fans.

The best way to meet your fans is by going on tour. Bethany partnered up with the brand Aeropostale to release her own clothing line and to go to nine different stores, where she would meet her fans. By doing this, she created an instant connection with her fans and a loving community.

Here’s a fan vlog about her experience meeting Bethany Mota.

Bethany’s success may have taken her years, but she has proved that anything is possible if you stop limiting yourself. With ten million subscribers, Bethany can be reassured that her fame will continue to grow.

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