How the YouTube for Artists Service Can Help You

On March 16, 2015 YouTube announced the addition of its YouTube for Artists service and with this offered a new list of services to help YouTube artists target audiences and improve their businesses. Here’s a quick lowdown on how musicians can leverage the service to their advantage:

1) The music insight bar helps locate biggest fan bases – the music insights bar offers important information like what countries and cities your biggest fan bases are located in. Use the data to plan international tours and determine what factors lead to peaks in your YouTube viewership.

2) Song view counts can provide negotiation data – YouTube for Artists provides a countdown and view count of your most popular songs. Artists are using these data points to pitch their music to labels and TV shows for licensing. The view count aggregator also has the total number of views for any song – even fan-uploaded songs. This means artists can approach labels with not only their account data but also how often fans are posting their music as well.

3) The view count graph illustrates viewer trends – The new service also provides a month-to-month graph on any account’s view trends so artists can examine where views spiked and where they dropped. This is useful for understanding trends and harnessing them to boost views. For example, maybe view counts spiked in January when you released a new EP. Releasing a new single or EP could help boost views again and find new fans.

As time goes on YouTube and other services like Spotify will add more tools and analytics for users. Keep an eye on Promolta as we track these updates and break them down so users can effortlessly harness their power.

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