How The New Explore Tab Impacts Creators

After a bit of experimentation on the YouTube app, the YouTube trending page is officially becoming the Explore tab. The transition is meant to support creators and help viewers find new content they’re going to love. The new tab is being rolled out across mobile devices and tablets.

Here’s how the new Explore tab impacts creators.

Content on destination pages will be easier for viewers to find.

Currently, YouTube supports a handful of destination pages that gather content in popular niches under one roof. Viewers can find new videos on pages dedicated to the following: music, gaming, news, music and shows, fashion and beauty, and learning.

The Explore tab makes these destination pages easier to find by gathering them all into one place. YouTube also plans to introduce more destination pages over time as the Explore tab expands.

The Creator on the Rise section will become more prominent.

On the trending page, the Creator on the Rise and Artist on the Rise sections were often buried beneath multimillion-dollar videos, late night talk show clips, and other highly-produced content. However, with the Explore tab, YouTube promised to boost these sections to the top.

As a viewer scrolls through their video feed on the Explore tab, they’ll see the Creator and Artist on the Rise sections before they see anything else. That way, creators who are just starting to take off will be able to reach a lot more potential viewers.

Your videos can still get trending.

The goal of the trending page is to showcase the content viewers are loving the most all over the world. The same videos are shown and ranked the same way in every country and region. It’s a valuable feature to creators and viewers alike.

Just because the trending page is changing doesn’t mean it’s disappearing altogether. On the Explore tab, the trending page will have its own section. It will also have its own button at the top of the new page.

The trending page is changing to the Explore tab to help more creators reach more viewers. The transition combines the best of trending with fresh content from up-and-coming creators.

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