How Taylor Swift Shattered Records With Her New Music Video

If you’ve turned on the radio in the past week, then you’ve probably heard Taylor Swift’s new single “ME!” bumping through the airwaves. As her first single of 2019, Taylor’s new music video is already shattering records. Over the weekend, YouTube confirmed that the “ME!” music video smashed the records for both most-viewed visual from a solo artist in history and the most-viewed visual from a female artist in history.

As an up-and-coming artist, you can emulate Taylor’s music marketing strategy. Here are a few things you can learn from the success of “ME!”.

Starting a countdown gets your fans excited and keeps their eyes on you.

In the days leading up to the music video’s release, Taylor kept her lips sealed about what her big announcement was. However, she didn’t need to tell her fans exactly what she was releasing to capture their attention.

Leading up to the announcement, Taylor shared a daily countdown on her Instagram story. The countdown got her fans asking questions, but it also got them excited for what was to come. Many of them shared the countdown on their own Instagram stories.

To get your own fans excited for new music, start a countdown on your Instagram story. You may count down to a surprise announcement like Taylor did or simply count down to a new release your fans already know is coming.

Teasing new music generates more hype.

Taylor’s mysterious countdown didn’t exist solely on her Instagram story. In line with the countdown, she shared pictured that her followers didn’t know were from the upcoming music video.

For example, this picture was a close-up of the set in the beginning of the music video. It also referenced the lyric, “There’s a lot of cool chicks out there.” Taylor captioned every picture with the date her countdown ended.


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Collaborations draw more attention.

Taylor isn’t the only star of the “ME!” music video. The song is a collaboration with Panic! at the Disco frontman Brendon Urie, who joins Taylor on the second verse.

To promote their collab, both Panic! at the Disco and Brendon himself have been posting about “ME!” nonstop. Taylor and Brendon will also open the Billboard Music Awards together.


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Tell ya friends, tell ya grandma, tell ya cat, tell everyone… ME! w/ @taylorswift is out now #MeOutNow

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Collaborating with other artists gets not one but two fan bases hyped. Next time you’re working on a new song, consider inviting another local artist you admire to join you in the studio.

Use YouTube Premieres to get more views as soon as your music video drops.

Taylor didn’t just upload her video and hope for the best. For the first time, she used YouTube Premieres so that she could hang out with her fans in real time before the video dropped.

“ME!” was scheduled to premiere at midnight, so Taylor spent the hour before that answering fan questions on her YouTube Premiere page. This helped her get more views as soon as the video went live and made it a more memorable experience for her audience.

Consider scheduling your next music video as a YouTube Premiere. Be sure to tell your fans well in advance so they can make plans to be there for your online premiere party.

Taylor Swift is back at the top of the music industry with her latest single “ME!”. You can follow in her footsteps by emulating her clever music video promotion strategies.

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