How SNL Repackages Content To Get More Views

Not only is Saturday Night Live one of the most popular shows on television, but it also boasts more than eight million subscribers on YouTube. Every upload gets thousands of views, with their content often ranking highly on the trending page.

One thing that really sets the SNL channel apart is the way they repackage older content to get more views. Here’s how they do it.

They reupload old content as “vintage.”

SNL uploads sketches and clips from the show every Saturday night after a new episode airs. However, the channel also features a lot of older sketches from before the show had a YouTube channel. These videos are branded as “SNL vintage.”

You could turn older unlisted uploads into your own “vintage” videos. You can either reupload videos viewers can’t find anymore or share the link. That’s what KickThePJ did when he stumbled on an old video from his university days.

They create compilation videos.

SNL broadcasts a lot of sketches that start with similar ideas, such as commercial parodies. Lately, their team has been creating compilation videos of these similar sketches so viewers can binge watch them.

You can create compilation videos of your popular series, or you can get the same effect by organizing your videos into playlists. Learn the best way to create a playlist in this post.

They create highlight reels.

The SNL channel recently started a new series called “This Day In SNL History.” For this series, they upload a past sketch that was particularly significant for the show or the actors featured in it. For example, the video below features one of Kristen Wiig’s breakout characters from her time on the show.

You can create your own highlight reels from older videos, such as a “best of” version of your favorite series. You may also do a gag reel including outtakes or a “director’s cut” featuring your own commentary.

Alternatively, you could incorporate content from your posts on other social media platforms. For three years in a row, Daniel Howell took fan favorite posts and inside jokes and turned them into “The Top Dan Memes” of the past year.

Saturday Night Live increases its views and watch time by repackaging older content. These reuploads appeal to their audience’s nostalgia, enticing them to watch and share.

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