How Small YouTubers Can Grow Their Channels In 2021

As a content creator, you’ve probably spent a lot of time researching the best tips and practices for growing your YouTube channel. However, the platform is constantly changing, so a lot of the information out there is outdated. You probably won’t find the same level of success now with strategies that worked well for creators in 2015.

Here’s how small YouTubers can really grow their channels in 2021.

Find your niche.

Gone are the days when being a lifestyle vlogger could get you tens of millions of subscribers. Now, to grab your viewers’ attention, you need to have a very specific hook or “gimmick.” It’s easier to be a big fish in a small pond than it is to be a big fish in a big pond. Basically, you should be able to describe what makes your channel unique in a sentence, and you should stick to that promise.

For example, Micarah Tewers recreates iconic looks from pop culture using thrifted materials. She’s part of YouTube’s fashion community, but she carved a unique niche based on her interests. This decision, along with her sense of humor, has helped her gain more than a million subscribers.

Upload on a consistent schedule.

When it comes to getting the YouTube video ranking algorithm to promote your stuff, consistency is key. Your place in the algorithm depends on your channel as a whole, not each individual video. Each video is an opportunity to raise your channel’s place in the algorithm. Therefore, you should keep a strict upload schedule.

Ideally, you should upload new videos at the same time on the same day every week. Finding the right time might take a bit of experimentation, but you should do your best to work around your audience’s schedules. Take into account what timezones most of your subscribers are located in. Once you’ve found a time that works, stick with it. To make sure you’re not even a minute late, you can schedule your uploads in advance. Follow the tutorial below to learn how.

Utilize the tools YouTube makes available to creators.

The YouTube algorithm also likes it when creators utilize the tools the platform has created for them. Once your channel is eligible, you should use Premieres and Stories to promote your videos. Additionally, you should set up your online shop through Merch Shelf to keep users on the platform.

If you haven’t quite reached the threshold for these features, however, you should utilize the tools YouTube makes available to everyone. Start streaming weekly with YouTube Live. Organize your videos into playlists and embed them in your end screens. Link related videos in information cards. You can even create minute-long videos with YouTube Shorts.

In order to grow your channel in YouTube’s current climate, you should upload niche content consistently. Take advantage of the creator-focused features, and work to grow your audience outside the platform as well.

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