How “Shape Of You” Is Still In The Top 5

Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You” has been in the Billboard Top 5 since the very beginning of 2017. Even as new releases from DJ Khaled and Bruno Mars threaten to push the British singer down a few pegs, Ed has proven that his big comeback single isn’t going anywhere.

Here’s why “Shape Of You” is still in the Top 5.

1. The beats are reminiscent of hit songs of the past.

Some of the music in “Shape Of You” is so similar to TLC’s 1999 hit “No Scrubs” that the girl group’s writers are credited on Ed’s track. Evidently, there’s a reason that these beats resonate with listeners young and old. In fact, “No Scrubs” still gets radio play on several stations.

By sampling popular songs of the past, new artists can create something that a wide audience will love.

2. The song shows a different side of Sheeran’s musical capabilities.

Ed first made a name for himself with soulful singer-songwriter ballads such as “The A-Team” and “Thinking Out Loud.” However, in the time that he took off from making music of his own, Ed Sheeran helped manufacture a few hits for artists like Justin Bieber and Rita Ora.

Ed originally started to write “Shape Of You” for British girl group Little Mix. However, as he continued to work on it, he thought the track may be more suited for Rihanna. As the song reached completion, Ed realized that it was too good to let go of, and he released the single himself.

3. Sheeran is playing the song all over the world on tour.

“Shape Of You” was the first promotional single off of Ed’s third studio album. With the new album came his latest international tour. Ed has been playing “Shape Of You” all over the world, reiginiting different countries’ love for the song time and time again.

Sheeran has even played on several major international stages, such as the Brit Awards and the Grammys.

Ed Sheeran has been in the Top 5 for six months with “Shape Of You.” Between its international popularity and homage to great hits of the past, this song isn’t leaving the charts anytime soon.

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