How Selena Gomez Became A Pop Icon

It would be hard to imagine the modern music scene without Selena Gomez. This Disney darling turned pop sensation has been slaying the charts since she was just a teenager.

Here’s how Selena Gomez became a pop icon.

1. She got her start outside of music.

Most fans remember Selena from her days on Disney Channel’s hit show Wizards of Waverly Place. She used her acting skills to make a name for herself before pursuing music. Even better, she was able to sign to Disney’s record company, Hollywood Records.

“Naturally” was one of Selena’s first big hits.

2. She tied her music in with other projects.

When Selena was on Disney, she recorded her own theme song. Her song “A Year Without Rain” even became part of an important episode of Wizards. More recently, she recorded a new song to promote the Netflix show that she produced, 13 Reasons Why.

She recorded “Only You” for the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack.

3. She lends her vocals to other rising stars.

Selena has created major hits by lending her vocals to DJs such as Zedd and Kygo. By combining her star power with their musical genius, these collaborations top the charts for weeks.

Selena’s latest hit is a collaboration with Kygo.

Selena Gomez became a star by using non-musical means to promote her music. Follow in her footsteps to become the next rising star.

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