How Rhett & Link Have Successfully Managed 4 Channels For 10 Years

“Internetainers” Rhett & Link have been entertaining the internet world on their original channel “Rhett & Link” since 2006, and they have since created an additional three channels, including an extremely popular daily morning talk show called Good Mythical Morning.

Here’s how these two men have juggled all four channels.

1. They prioritize the most popular channels.

Up until a few months ago, it had been over a year since Rhett & Link uploaded a video to their original channel. Despite keeping all their channels up and running, the two men have focused their attention to their morning talk show Good Mythical Morning, which has 11 million subscribers.

By doing so, they’re able to post to any of their four channels whenever they have the time, while also encouraging the subscribers of the less viewed channel to subscribe to the more popular one.

2. They keep some content consistent across the channels.

While it’s important to switch up the content in order to distinguish the channels, Rhett & Link have remained successful by also keeping some similarities between the four channels.

Across all four channels, viewers can watch the two men taste-test rare food combinations and perform other non-food related experiments, such as “Which Lipstick Lasts Longer?” or “Crazy Toilet and Sink Combo.” This signature style keeps consistency between the separate channels and ties them all together.

3. They provide links between the channels.

What better way to boost subscribers to each channel than to link to them at the end of each video? Rhett & Link frequently use this technique, especially between the two channels Good Mythical Morning and Good Mythical More.

When viewers finish a video from the morning talk show, they’re immediately linked to the “show after the show” on Good Mythical More, which boosts views across channels and increases the likelihood of subscription.

Juggling four unique channels in no easy task, but Rhett & Link have overcome the challenge by finding ways to link between the channels, covering similar content, and being willing to devote all their resources to a more successful channel. If you’re trying to expand into multiple channels, incorporate these tips, and you’re sure to boost views across the board.

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