How Pitbull Got Famous

Pitbull is a famous musician with 16.7 million YouTube subscribers and 13.2 billion views.

Here are 5 lessons from his success.

1. Adjust your content if needed

Pitbull used to record reggaeton and crunk but blew up when he fully rebranded himself as a pop artist. Thus, if your content is not growing as quickly, think about how you can tweak things to resonate more with fans. If Pitbull did not focus on pop, we would probably never know about him.

Photo by Eva Rinaldi

2. Put yourself out there

In 1997 Pitbull had the opportunity to attend a DMX music video shoot. There he battled with rapper Drag-On and got some career advice from famous producer Irv Gotti. Thus, put yourself out there. Interact with other creators and try to establish contacts with industry leaders. And when you see an opportunity, grab it.

Photo by LunchboxLP

3. Collaborate

Collaborating with other creators is a good way to spike your popularity. For example, Pitbull did a track for Lil John’s 2002 album “Kings of Crunk” which blew up and became the highest selling independent album in 2003 and 2004. Thus, you should collaborate with other creators because it’s a good way to spike your fan base.

Photo by Ralph Arvesan

4. Create a persona

If you study Pitbull’s videos you will see that 99% of the time he’s wearing dark sunglasses and a suit. This helps viewers to instantly recognize him and associate him with certain content. Thus, choose an image for yourself and try to stick to it.

Photo by Ralph Arvesan

5. Be patient

Pitbull got started in the early 2000s but became mainstream when he released “I Know You Want Me” and “Hotel Room Service” in 2009. Thus, it was roughly a 9 year journey from the beginning of his career to getting famous. This is why you need to be patient and give things time. It feels like some creators get famous overnight but that night usually takes a decade.

Photo by Slgckgc

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