How NOT to grow on YouTube – 4 ways to destroy your channel

Promolta has helped over 100,000 creators since 2012 and we know what works and what doesn’t work on YouTube.

Here are the 4 biggest things that can destroy or significantly slow down your YouTube channel.

1. Self-doubt

Once self-doubt creeps in, it can destroy your confidence. You might start to doubt all of your creative decisions and even hold back on some videos.

The key is to be extremely confident, even if you’re not. To feel like your videos are EPIC and like viewers will LOVE what you create. This confidence actually comes through on the screen and viewers will feel it.

2. Listening to the wrong people

The best person to listen to is YOU. Too many other people will have their own self-serving interests and motives. Thus, listen to YOURSELF. Pay attention to what your instincts are telling you to do and what type of videos to create.

3. Not releasing enough content

The more videos you release, the faster you will grow. This happens because YouTube will have a lot more content which it can recommend and show in search results.

For example if a viewer watched 1 of your videos, then YouTube can push MANY other videos to that same person and others like him. This gets you more views and more subs. Thus, try to release a lot of content but make sure not to let your quality suffer.

4. Sticking to low performers

People who are not performing at your level will hold you back. You need everyone involved to be an a player. From the videographer to the editor and to whoever else is on your team.

What happens is LOW performers deliver mediocre work and your content does not reach its full potential. Thus, you end up growing much slower because you stick to low performers. Make sure the people on your team are great at what they do, and if not, replace them.

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