How Music Video Generated 4 Million Views In A Week

Lil Dicky is a rapper who’s very creative with his delivery for music. His unique style is getting noticed making his audience want more after the release of his most recent video.

Here’s why.

1. His character gives him an edge.

Lil Dicky’s sarcastic humor is what sets him apart from his competition. In his XXL freestyle, he implemented his character into his performance, and people thought it was clever and unexpected from an unknown artist who was culturally different.

Check out the video.

2. His simplicity creates success

He’s viewed as simple because he’s not the typical rapper. He doesn’t wear flashy jewelry or designer clothing. He keeps it simple, and his fans love him for this.

In one of his latest videos, “Sports,” he shows his persistence and consistency by the way he carries himself.

Here’s the video.

3. His video concepts are being considered a game changer.

Lil Dicky has been putting a lot of thought and effort into his videos. His most recent video, “Pillow Talking”, is a short film that’s nearly 11 minutes long and has everyone talking.

This video has changed the game musically because music fans haven’t seen anything like this done before. Maybe that’s why this video has received so many views just within a week.

Check out the video for “Pillow Talking.”

As an artist, being creative will separate you from the rest. Try coming up with a few ideas that you notice other artists aren’t doing, and that concept will help better your chances at achieving success.

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