How Michelle Phan Became A YouTube Sensation

Anyone who has been a fan of makeup or tutorials has heard of Michelle Phan or ipsy ( Michelle Phan attended the Ringling College of Art and Design and started off her personal career with a blog in 2005. She was extremely interested in beauty and makeup. She started working on makeup tutorials and became a sensation when she moved onto YouTube.

Here’s how Michelle Phan became a YouTube star.

1. She patterned her videos after Bob Ross.

Bob Ross is a painter who’s famous for his calming voice. He made his living as a television personality by painting calming scenes. His method of painting broke things down into simple steps and his slow voice really helped those watching him excel in painting. Michelle Phan tailored her videos to emulate Bob Ross.

This was Michelle’s first video to go viral.

2. She gives her viewers simple, easy to follow steps.

Michelle Phan’s videos demonstrate a few intense makeup looks that many women, though they may feel the looks are extremely hard to replicate. Michelle, however, gives simple tips and tricks which help her subscribers feel confident in achieving the look she is exploring.

This video shows the simple tricks she uses in her videos.

3. She goes beyond makeup tutorials.

Michelle continued to add to her success by helping her subscribers find ways to feel more confident in themselves. Michelle shows the products she uses and adds her own spin.

This video shows how to choose the best glasses for a face shape.

4. She has engaging dialogue.

Michelle Phan uses engaging dialogue in her videos to make it feel like her subscribers are her friends. She reveals how her life has been changed by her successes and failures. In the Draw My Life movement on YouTube, she revealed a lot about herself.

This video engages her subscribers as well as it reveals her personality.

Michelle Phan has achieved many great things because of her drive to help others with their image and makeup tutorials. She became a makeup artist for L’Oreal, launched a new cosmetic line called “em” and dedicated it to her mother, wrote a book that helps guide others to beauty and success, and launched a site to help others with choosing makeup that works for their needs. She is truly a success.

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