How Maroon 5 Got Famous

Maroon 5 is a pop-rock band that currently has 36.9M YouTube subs and 23.6B lifetime views.

Even though this case study is about a band, the tips are applicable to EVERY creator.

Here are 4 big lessons from Maroon 5.

1. Release great content, every time

Before they were “Maroon 5” the band was actually called “Kara’s Flowers.” The band got discovered by a producer who was walking his dog while the guys were performing at a beach party in Malibu.

Think how insane that is. To get signed by a label after you get discovered at a beach party? Thus, make every piece of content you release EPIC. You never know who’s watching or listening.

Photo by LunchboxLP

2. Expect challenges

Every creator has to go through many ups and downs on the journey to success. For example, after their debut album “Fourth World” flopped and only sold 5,000 copies, the band was DROPPED from the label. This led to the entire group breaking up.

Imagine how devastating it must have been to get dropped by a label? Thus, whatever pain you are currently going through, keep pushing. Don’t let anything stop you.

Photo by Justin Higuchi

3. Study the greats

Many lessons can be learned from studying celebs. You should identify someone famous in your space and study that person in detail.

Pay attention to the type of videos they release, how they look, mistakes they made, etc. For example, Adam Levine (lead singer of Maroon 5) studied Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder, and others. Thus, study successful people in your space. It will give you ideas and inspiration.

Photo by Justin Higuchi

4. Be patient

Just because your content is not immediately successful, doesn’t mean it wont blow up later.

For example, “Songs About Jane” was released in 2002 but sold 10 million copies and received mainstream success in 2004. That’s 2 YEARS LATER. This is equivalent to a video that does okay for 2 years but then suddenly blows up and goes viral. Thus, be patient with your content because sometimes viewers are slow to catch on.

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