How Lorde’s Vevo Channel Gained 3 Million+ Subscribers

YouTube is a major player in the music industry. Even prominent musicians use YouTube to promote their music, and usually the channels they have are featured on VEVO. One such artist who has became rather popular is Lorde.

These are the reasons why Lorde’s Youtube channel has gained over three million subscribers.

1. Lorde’s style of music appeals to a wide audience.

Lorde has produced many catchy hits during recent years, and her music is often featured in television commercials and even series. Her music tends to fit a certain mood, and she brings swagger and emotion to each and every song. Her music tends to have a flow to it, which combined with the lyrics, gives it an underlying meaning.

Below is an example of Lorde’s style in a commercial that featured her music.

2. Her unique vocals stand out in a crowd.

Lorde’s music wouldn’t be what it is without her excellent vocals. Lorde’s voice captures the essence of the music she produces. She tends to follow the beats with her vocals, and it is clear what she is saying. Her music, to most listeners, feels as if she is communicating a message of some sort.

Below is an example of Lorde’s vocals in a song.

3. She markets her music on social media.

Lorde has managed to successfully promote her music on various social media and music platforms. Her music is featured on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Pandora, which shows how popular it is. Lorde’s marketing skills have gained her a substantial following, and she has fans across the globe.

Below is an example of Lorde’s most popular song, which is featured on some of these media platforms.

4. Now two of her music videos feel the same.

Lorde’s music videos are featured on her YouTube channel, and each one has a different feel to it, just like her lyrics do. Her music often presents real-life situations, her videos tell those stories to viewers in new and different ways.

Below is an example of this.

These are the reasons why Lorde’s Vevo channel has more than three million subscribers. Her style of music and her strong vocals have helped her to gain a fanbase, which in turn has helped her to get the situation she is in now. Her music videos often feel like they are trying to tell a story, which is something that many viewers love. Lorde’s use of social media platforms to promote her music has also helped and will continue to do so.

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