How Loey Lane Keeps Her Channel Thriving

Since uploading her first video in 2013, Loey Lane has amassed nearly two million subscribers. Her videos bring in hundreds of thousands of viewers, and she’s even been able to use her success to launch her own beauty brand.

Here’s how Loey Lane keeps her channel thriving.

She changed her niche to focus on the content viewers wanted to see.

Originally, Loey began her channel as a beauty vlogger. She uploaded makeup tutorials and clothing hauls. She gained a following for her body-positive content.

However, as Loey’s channel grew, her viewers began to take more interest in a different kind of video Loey made. The more paranormal storytimes she uploaded, the more viewers requested horror-related content.

Now, Loey mainly focuses on horror content, such as ghost hunting and deep dives into viral scary stories. While her YouTube content has evolved, her impressive audience has given her many opportunities in the beauty world outside of YouTube. Aside from launching her Love Any Body brand, she’s modelled for Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty line and worked with several major beauty brands.

She creates a lot of viewer-requested content.

Many of Loey’s video ideas come from her viewers themselves. When they stumble across a story they want her to share or find something paranormal they want her to investigate, they tag her on social media so she can see it.

For example, the video below is about a series of Tik Tok videos Loey’s followers shared with her. She was able to get a great video idea, and her fans were able to get answers about the strange account.

Her videos often focus on viral stories.

Like the video about the Tik Tok account, many of Loey’s videos focus on viral scary stories. She’s covered everything from the “Dear David” ghost story that went viral on Twitter a few years ago to the classic story of Annabelle the haunted doll.

Loey sources a lot of her material from Reddit. She reads stories that, whether presented as fact or fiction, will interest her horror-loving viewers. She also makes a lot of videos about internet urban legends and creepypastas.

She keeps viewers hooked with video series.

Like any good storyteller, Loey knows how to keep her audience coming back for more. When she finds a, especially good story to share, she turns it into a series.

If the story Loey decides to share continues to be updated, then her viewers often turn to her for new installments rather than reading the source material themselves. This is how she helped the “Dear David” story gain more traction.

Loey Lane keeps her channel thriving by creating the content her viewers are excited to see. By allowing herself and her content to evolve, she has allowed her channel to grow immensely.

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