How Linkin Park Got Famous and Became a Leading Rock Band

Linkin Park is a Rock band from California. They have 21,200,000 YouTube subscribers and billions of views.

You might be familiar with their viral hit “Numb” which has 2.2 BILLION views on YouTube.

Here are 5 key lessons from their success.

1. Expect some key people to fail you

When the band was going through a hard time and could not get signed by a record label their lead vocalist LEFT. Imagine how painful it must have been to lose an important team member when things aren’t going well. Thus, expect some really important people to fail you. Don’t be angry when it happens, but just keep moving forward.

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2. Don’t listen to doubters

Linkin Park was rejected by EVERY major record label for 3 YEARS and by many indies. Even Warner Bros passed on them 3 times before finally signing them in 1999. Thus, most people will not see how talented you are and will not understand your vision.

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3. Make do with limited resources

When the band had no money they turned one of their team members’ bedrooms into a makeshift studio. Then they recorded and produced all the music there. Thus, if you are short on cash, get creative. Find small hacks how you can still achieve the desired results but with limited resources. There’s always a way.

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4. Your life can change overnight

Chester Bennington received a call one day from a record label exec to come and audition for the lead vocalist position with Linkin Park. Chester was really struggling at the time and was close to quitting music forever.

Meaning ONE DAY and ONE CALL completely changed his life when he got the lead vocalist position with Linkin Park. Thus, you should feel hopeful and inspired because in the entertainment industry, your life can transform in 1 day.

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5. Do what feels right

The label initially tried to change Linkin Park’s music and even remove certain team members. The band did not agree and stuck to their vision and team (see here). Then the album they created blew up. Thus, do things YOUR WAY. Don’t listen to others who try to get you to change. Do what feels right for you.

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