How Katy Perry’s Music Video Got A Billion Views

Katy Perry is one of the biggest names in pop music. She’s also a major force on YouTube, with her music video for “Dark Horse” being one of the most-viewed videos on YouTube. Just two years after it was first uploaded, the music video has more than 1.5 billion views.

Here’s how Katy Perry’s music video got more than a billion views.

1. She collaborated with a popular rapper.

Rap and pop music go hand-in-hand when it comes to topping the charts. Rappers such as Kendrick Lamar and Mac Miller have been featured on plenty of popular pop singles. Katy Perry chose rapper Juicy J to record a verse for “Dark Horse.”

If you want to get more people to watch your next music video, then you should consider inviting a rapper to join you. Fans love to learn their favorite song lyrics, especially when there’s a rap they can master to impress their friends.

Juicy J teamed up with a few other rappers for his most recent video.

2. Her fans campaigned to get the video to one billion views.

One of the main reasons Katy Perry got a billion views was her fans. Her beloved KatyCats started a social media campaign to get “Dark Horse” to a billion views. They used the hashtag #DarkHorseTo1Billion to encourage each other and their followers to watch the video.

Start a hashtag to encourage your follows to promote your music video. Set a milestone so that you and your fans can celebrate your accomplishment together.

Here is a tweet that one of Katy Perry’s fans sent out to promote “Dark Horse.”

3. She released the song as a promotional single for her upcoming album.

Katy Perry released “Dark Horse” as a promotional single before her album Prism came out. While fans of her music waited on more new music, they kept playing “Dark Horse.”

Put out your next music video right before an album release. Excited fans will keep playing it to get themselves psyched for your new music.

She released the audio for “Dark Horse” before the music video came out.

Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” music video reached more than a billion views in just two years. If you follow her promotional strategies, your music videos can get as many views as Katy Perry’s.

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