How Jidenna Became The Classic Man

Jidenna is a rising star in hip-hop music. His hit single “Classic Man” sent him soaring to the top of the charts in 2015. He is set to release an album later this fall and the excitement within his fan base is erupting. With a powerfully established image and the vocals to match, there is no stopping this rapper.

Jidenna set his career in motion by successfully naming himself a classic man. Here are some ways that upcoming musicians can create an image as strong as Jidenna’s.

1. Mix modern and vintage. 

Jidenna sports a unique style that resembles old-fashioned suits and accessories that pop with colors and funky patterns. His look alone is enough to turn heads. With his modern music and vintage look, he creates a full package that nearly demands attention.

2. Embrace your heritage. 

Jidenna spent some of his youth in Nigeria, where his father was originally from. He often speaks about the pride he has for his heritage. Where ever you are from, embrace who you are and where your ancestors came from. This gives you the opportunity to spread your music to another country and open up to a broader fan base.

3. Value education. 

Jidenna graduated from Stanford University with a degree in a major that he created, “ritual arts.” His education has provided him with useful knowledge that is often displayed in his music as well as in interviews. By advocating the need for education, he gains the approval of parents and shows that aspiring musicians can graduate college while forming a successful music career.

4. Speak out on global issues.

The rapper speaks out on many issues including racism, politics, and society. By intelligently speaking about world issues, he has gained respect outside of the music industry. Don’t be afraid to address issues that you feel passionately about.

5. Be a socialite. 

Jidenna is a founding member of the social club, Fear and Fancy. The club hosts soirees and social events while providing quality services in music production, artist development, design, and more. This has allowed Jidenna to network with powerful people and express his individuality in social settings. Take every opportunity to socialize. It will allow you to grow as a brand and an artist.

6. Create your own lingo. 

The motto for Fear and Fancy is “Eat. Drink. Swank.” Jidenna often uses the term “swanky” and describes it as “a little bit classy and a little bit funky.” While swanky was a word before, other musicians and celebrities use this marketing technique of attaching a word to themselves. DJ Khaled has claimed the term “major key” and Tyra Banks created “smize” which means to smile with your eyes.

Why not try to create a word that directly resembles you? It could catch on and then you will forever be credited for creating it.

Jidenna tests the standard hip-hop style by expressing classic, vintage clothes. His lyrics and public statements represent intelligence and his work ethic proves he is here to stay.

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Corinne Rivera appreciates every type of music, which stems from her experience in dance and playing the guitar and the flute. She currently resides in San Francisco where she studies electronic communications, explores the city’s art, and attends concerts of all genres.

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