How Jaymay Created One of the Greatest Break-Up Albums

Break-ups are hard but often provide the seed to generate great art. With her 2007 album, Autumn Fallin’, Jaymay flawlessly created a break-up album that perfectly reflected the raw emotions exposed and spewed forth from a particularly painful break-up. Anyone going through heartbreak or tough times can learn from Jaymay and make a bad situation into an amazing album.

Here’s how Jaymay created one of the greatest break-up albums.

1. Write raw lyrics.

When in the dumps, it’s comforting to know someone else has fought a similar battle. Autumn Fallin’ is filled with raw, poetic lyrics, which assure anyone with a broken heart that Jaymay knows exactly how they feel.

“To get even or mad, so as not to seem sad/Just seems ungrateful/’Cause really, I’m thankful I’m sad.”

2. Showcase variety.

Break-ups are constructed of highs and lows, as is Autumn Fallin’. This album has songs that draw feelings of acceptance and forgiveness, as well as songs that are straight-forwardly a pit of sadness. With this assortment of songs, Jaymay paints a clear picture of what it feels like to have those waves of emotions.

3. Create hypnotizing sounds.

Autumn Fallin’ is composed of whimsical harmonies and instruments, such as violin, piano, and clarinet. The instruments collectively create a set of mesmerizing songs. Listening to this album is like a free therapy session because it captivates the disheartened into a trance.

Portraying emotion and relating to an audience is an art musicians want to perfect. For musicians wanting to write a break-up album, Autumn Fallin’ is a textbook example to shadow.

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