How Iggy Azalea Got Famous and Important Lessons for Creators

Iggy Azalea has 8,270,000 YouTube subscribers, billions of views, and a $15 million net worth.

Here are 3 lessons from her success.

1. Replace mediocre team members

Iggy Azalea used to be in a band with 2 other girls but later decided to go at it ALONE. She did this because the other band members were not as committed as her.

Imagine how different Iggy’s career would have been if she stuck with this mediocre band? She would have never got famous. Thus, if somebody on your team is not meeting your expectations, you have to replace them. Otherwise they will hold you back.

Photo by JuliaAltenburger

2. Don’t listen to doubters

Throughout her career, Iggy faced major skepticism and criticism. Some people even laughed at her when she was performing. Meaning this is a creator who has over 1 BILLION views on her “Fancy” music video and so many people doubted her. Thus, next time somebody does not believe in you, think about how nobody believed in Iggy either.

Photo by LauraMurray

3. Follow your gut

Iggy Azalea had the opportunity to get signed by a major record label (Interscope) but PASSED on it because the label did not let the rapper T.I. get involved. Meaning Iggy had no money yet stood her ground against a major label because she wanted T.I. on board. Thus, you have to follow your gut and not listen to others when it comes to your career.

Photo by RalphAversan

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