How Ed Sheeran’s New Single Reached #1 On iTunes Almost Immeadiately

After a long break from social media and from performing, artist Ed Sheeran is finally back with new music. He dropped two singles on January 6. The songs went to the top of the iTunes charts almost immediately.

Here’s how Ed Sheeran’s new singles reached number one and two on iTunes.

1. He released two singles at the same time.

Because he hadn’t released new music in awhile, Ed decided to release two songs instead of one. Not only did this make his fans extremely excited, but it also gave him double the opportunity to get to the top of the charts.

His two singles also sound vastly different as well. “Shape Of You” is a dance anthem meant for the club, whereas “Castle On The Hill” is a folksy ballad about Ed’s hometown.

Ed announced his new music releases on Twitter.

2. He teased his releases with snippets and album art.

Before he released his new singles, Ed Sheeran teased them on Twitter. He posted snippets of the songs along with samples of the lyrics. He also posted a sneak preview of the cover art. There was even a Snapchat filter featuring “Shape Of You” before the song was released.

It’s important to tease new music before you release it. Give your fans and followers enough to get them excited, but don’t give it all away.

Here is one of the clips Ed posted to tease “Castle On The Hill.”

3. He released new music after a long hiatus.

Following the success of his previous two albums, Ed took a year off to travel and spend time with family and friends. In the meantime, his fans were starved for new music. This clever tactic built up anticipation for his next musical move.

When you find a bit of success with your music, you might consider taking a break. You can work on new music at your own pace and build up a bit of life experience to write about. Your fans will be ready and waiting when you return.

Apple Music was among those celebrating Ed’s return.

4. His new singles prelude a new album.

Ed used his new singles to promote his upcoming album. Though the album doesn’t have a release date just yet, this new music gives fans a taste of what’s to come.

Always promote a new album with a single. It’s like serving an appetizer before a fancy dinner. It reminds listeners how hungry they are for more great music.

Check out one of Ed’s new singles below.

5. He posted lyric videos for each song.

Though he didn’t premiere a new music video for either of his singles, Ed posted lyric videos for each song to his YouTube channel. The lyric videos visualize his music without requiring the budget or time that it takes to film a complete music video.

Lyric videos are a great alternative to music videos. Partner with a graphic designer to illustrate the words to your new song.

Watch the lyric video for “Castle On The Hill” below.

Ed Sheeran reached the top two spots on iTunes in several countries with his two new singles. He achieved this by teasing and promoting before and after the singles’ release. Follow his tactics to launch your own successful singles.

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