How Ed Sheeran got Famous

Ed Sheeran is a famous musician with 54.3M YouTube subscribers and 28.6B views. It seems like he got famous overnight but that’s not the case. His journey was long and painful.

Here are 5 big lessons from his success.

1. Overcome challenges

Ed Sheeran sold over 150 million records but what you probably didn’t know is that he had a debilitating stutter as a kid. Ed even spent years in therapy trying to fix it. Thus, whatever problems you have that are preventing your success, work on solving them, and don’t let anything stop you.

Photo by Eva Rinaldi

2. Work hard

To achieve anything great, you will have to work very hard. For example, Ed Sheeran performed 312 gigs in 2009. That is nearly 1 gig every day of the year. Thus, make sure you are pushing with everything you’ve got.

Photo by flamesworddragon

3. Pay your dues

Great things take time. Ed Sheeran started releasing music in 2004 but did not get his big break until 2010. That’s over 6 years of him pushing without much success. Thus, expect things to take time. Don’t get frustrated when success is not instant.

Photo by flamesworddragon

4. Release a lot of content

Ed Sheeran has posted 460 videos on his YouTube channel. Imagine how much you would know and how good you would be by the time you released 460 videos. The more content you produce, the more successful you will be. Just don’t confuse quantity with quality. You should work to make each new upload better than the one before.

Photo by Harald Krichel

5. Depend on yourself

Don’t wait for anyone to come in and blow things up for you. For example, Ed Sheeran started releasing music in 2004 but only got signed by a record label in 2011. That’s over 7 years that he had to work on his craft without the support of a major backer. Thus, depend on yourself and only hold yourself accountable for your success.

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