How Drake Became A Top Selling Artist

Drake is synonymous with rap music. The Canadian singer and songwriter has produced hit after hit since releasing his first album in 2010. However, Drake didn’t get to the top of the charts without plenty of hard work along the way.

Here’s how Drake became a top selling artist.

1. He first gained recognition as an actor.

When Drake was a teenager, he played Jimmy Brooks on the Canadian teen drama series Degrassi:The Next Generation. He was on the show from 2001-2005, and he continued to guest star until 2007.

Being on television gave Drake the push he needed to get into entertainment. Even if you’re just acting in community theater, any stage experience you can get will bring you closer to finding an agent or producer.

Drake performed his first rap on Degrassi.

2. He released a few independent projects before signing to a label.

After leaving Degrassi, Drake self-released his first mixtape. Room For Improvement sold more than six thousand copies. Drake went on to release two more projects independently before he signed a record deal with Lil Wayne in 2009.

You don’t have to wait for a record contract to start releasing original music. Take advantage of online avenues such as YouTube and SoundCloud to record and release music independently until you get the attention of a producer.

Listen to Drake’s debut release below.

3. He continued to release new music often.

Since 2010, Drake has released four albums and two mixtapes. His albums have been certified platinum multiple times, and he even won a Grammy. Drake’s Vevo account boasts more than thirty original videos.

Drake is able to stay at the top of the music industry because he’s constantly releasing new music. You should always have your next project in mind to keep yourself ahead of the game.

Check out one of Drake’s most popular music videos.

Drake is always at the top of the charts because of how hard he worked to get there. Follow these tips to start climbing your way up.

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