How Chris Brown Got Famous

Chris Brown has 26.3M YouTube subscribers and 16.8B lifetime views.

Here are 4 lessons from his success.

1. Have a role model

No matter what content you produce, always have a specific person whose career you aim to replicate. For example, Chris Brown took the style and moves of Michael Jackson. Observing role models closely allows you to learn from their successes and mistakes. Thus, have a role model.

Photo by Eva Rinaldi

2. Don’t listen to the experts

Famous producer Diddy rejected Chris Brown and refused to sign him to Bad Boy Records. That’s crazy. An ultra-successful producer did NOT recognize such massive talent (26.3M YouTube subs today). Thus, next time an expert rejects you, remind yourself that Diddy also rejected Chris Brown.

Photo by Joel Telling

3. Promote yourself

You should always be ready to showcase your work and promote yourself aggressively everywhere. Getting discovered by just 1 RIGHT person can change your entire career. For example, Chris Brown got discovered by a talent scout at a GAS STATION when he was 13. Thus, promote yourself to as many people as possible and always be ready.

Photo by Eva Rinaldi

4. Learn new skills

One thing which makes Chris Brown’s performances special is his dancing. Meaning he SINGS and DANCES. But his dancing is very advanced and hard to replicate. It’s this exact rarity which makes him stand out from most singers. Thus, think about what new skills YOU can pick up and integrate in your videos. What new things can you learn which will make your videos even more unique?

Photo by Lukas Gerranimo

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