How Casey Neistat’s Videos Stand Out

With upwards of four million subscribers, Casey Neistat is one of the most popular YouTubers. A daily vlogger, Neistat must come up with plenty of content.

How is he able to make his channel stand out?

1. He tells stories.

Above all, Casey Neistat is a storyteller. He does a fantastic job of packaging his daily content into digestible videos with at least some semblance of a plotline.

People love stories, so it’s a great idea to package your content in that format.

This video is a great example of his storytelling. Obviously, this is a tremendous story to tell, but he also does a great job of sculpting the narrative.

2. He is consistent.

Casey Neistat is the picture of consistency in the YouTube world. He cranks out a video every day. By doing so, he creates a clear reason for fans to subscribe to his channel and to return to his channel on a regular basis. Many viewers look at his channel each day to see his newest video.

Sometimes all he does is film his day and turn it into a sort of story. Watch how he turns his date with his wife into more of a story by naming the video “Date Night,” then building up to it through the video.

3. His videos have a high production quality.

If you watch any of Neistat’s videos, you’re instantly struck by the production value. They look more like studio-produced videos than an average YouTube upload does.

He also features a variety of shots, often setting up his camera in a random part of New York City so that he can run or skate into the shot, rather than starting in front of the camera. Think about how you can use shot variety and creativity to spice up your videos.

Look at the videography in this post, one of his most popular. The filmmaking is breathtaking.

Casey Neistat has built up a huge following on YouTube by distinguishing himself from the pack. You can stand out, too, by aiming to replicate these features of Neistat’s channel.

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Matt Cummings grew up in the Bay Area and now attends UCLA. He enjoys sports, music and comedy.