How Bruno Mars Got Famous

Bruno Mars is a Grammy-winning artist. He has 37.6M YouTube subscribers and 20.6B views.

Here are 4 lessons from his success.

1. Be versatile

A good way to differentiate yourself is to mix and match different skills. For example, Bruno Mars knows how to play 4 different instruments. This makes him unique because most people can only play 1 or 2. This expertise allows him to create better content and truly WOW viewers.

Thus, keep developing your skills and use everything you learn to create epic content.

Photo by Daniel Gregory

2. Don’t listen to doubters

Bruno Mars was dropped by Motown Records in 2004. Imagine how brutal this must have been for his confidence, spirit, and finances. And this is an artist who later sold 26 million albums. So if a creator with so much potential gets dropped by labels, imagine how many other execs are making mistakes.

Thus, don’t listen to doubters. Don’t listen to people who tell you that your dream is not possible. Believe in yourself.

Photo by slgckgc

3. Find a way to make a living

After he got dropped by Motown Records, Bruno Mars shifted his focus to songwriting. He got a publishing contract with Westside Independent in 2005 and wrote for famous artists like Cee-Lo Green and Flo-Rida. Bruno did that to survive and earn a living.

This opened him up to many industry contacts and opportunities. Thus, make sure you have a source of income while pursuing your passion.

Photo by Brothers Le

4. Never give up hope

It only takes one piece of content to change your life. Bruno Mars was featured in “Nothin’ On You” with B.O.B. in 2010. The song went viral and got 444 million YouTube views. Bruno Mars became famous from 1 piece of content. If he can do it, why can’t you? Stay optimistic. You might be closer than you think.

Photo by Brothers Le

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