How Brendon Urie Became A Music Star

Brendon Urie rose to fame as the lead vocalist of Panic! At The Disco. Now, he’s the sole remaining original member of the iconic band. He’s still creating music that millions of people love all across the world.

Here’s how Brendon Urie became a music star.

1. He tried out for his band in high school.

Brendon met Panic! At The Disco’s now-ex-bassist Brent Wilson in their high school guitar class. Brent asked Brendon to try out for his band since they were in need of a guitarist. During one rehearsal, Brendon filled in for then-lead singer Ryan Ross. The other band members were so impressed that they chose Brendon as their new lead vocalist.

2. He stuck with the band when everyone else left.

Brendon is the sole remaining member of Panic! At The Disco’s original line-up. On his own, Brendon released Death of a Bachelor in 2015, and it became the band’s first number one album.

3. He pursued other projects as well.

Brendon has been a part of several major music projects outside of Panic! At The Disco. He’s worked on several tracks with Fall Out Boy, appearing in three of the band’s music videos. He’s also worked with Gym Class Heroes, The Cab, and Travie McCoy.

Brendon also pursued a Broadway career. He made his stage debut in Kinky Boots in the summer of 2017.

Brendon Urie became a music star by working with a band and sticking with what made him successful. However, he furthered his career by stepping out of his comfort zone and finding new ways to perform.

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