How Amy Schumer Became a Top Entertainer

Amy Schumer is one of the most popular comedians. Her vulgar humor and boss-lady work ethic have carried her up the ladder of success. Many comedians trying to grow a fan-base on YouTube can learn from Schumer.

Here is how Amy Schumer grew to be one of the top entertainers.

1. Know what you want to be.  

Since her early career of open-mic stand up shows, Schumer has been consistent with her crude, sarcastic performances. From the start, she knew exactly how she wanted the audience to perceive her and what demographic she was stepping into.

Determine exactly what type of entertainer you want to be and hold onto it. Audiences love when an entertainer is consistent and reliable with their delivery style.

2. Don’t hold back.

Schumer has proven that she doesn’t have a filter on her mouth nor a limit to her success. She keeps going and going, plowing through every event leaving behind nothing but shocked faces and laughter.

After you master your image and style, push yourself into every opportunity you can find. Determination and drive will go a long way in the competitive entertainment industry.

3. Spread your talent.

Between her show on Comedy Central, her movie Trainwreck, and her book The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, Schumer has spread herself into every nook and cranny of entertainment.

Once you establish yourself in one aspect of entertainment, step into other segments. Take a chance writing a book or even a movie script. You’ll surely take the spotlight if you show versatility.

Amy Schumer excelled as a comedian, writer and producer. She tests every limit and never fails to exceed her last endeavor. Aspiring entertainers on YouTube can learn a lot from her success.

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