Here’s What You Need To Know About The New Achievement Cards In Your Studio Dashboard

As always, the team behind YouTube has been working hard to develop new tools and features that will offer creators greater insights into their channels’ success. The latest feature they’ve rolled out is the achievement cards in YouTube Studio.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new achievement cards in your YouTube Studio.

The feature isn’t available to everyone yet because it’s currently in the experiment phase.

Oftentimes, YouTube will test the waters with a new feature before rolling it out to every user on the platform. While it’s in beta mode, the feature will only be available to a select group of creators. YouTube decides who the feature will be tested on based on its own set of criteria.

These experiments help YouTube work out any potential bugs during the early stages of development. That way, it will run smoothly by the time it’s available platform-wide. To see if you’re part of the achievement cards experiment, go to your YouTube Studio dashboard.

Each achievement card represents a new milestone you’ve reached on your channel.

Once the feature rolls out to your channel, you’ll be able to earn all kinds of achievement cards. You’ll only see them once you’ve hit those goals. Any you’ve already achieved by the time the feature becomes available to you will be automatically displayed in your YouTube Studio.

You’ll be rewarded a new card each time your channel hits one of the preset milestones. The goals focus on gaining a certain number of subscribers, views, or watch time hours. The more your channel grows, the more achievement cards you’ll own.

The feature was designed to recognize and celebrate creators’ hard work.

Creators may sometimes feel as if their hard work goes unnoticed by the platform, especially smaller creators. This is one of the main reasons the YouTube team designed achievement cards. They wanted to celebrate your achievements with you.

As you can see in the Creator Insider video below, each new achievement card you earn will include an encouraging message. They’re also designed with fun emojis. Check them out at the 00:40 time stamp in this video.

Achievement cards were designed to celebrate your accomplishments on YouTube. Keep growing your channel so you can watch your collection of achievement cards grow.

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