Here is How Kelly Clarkson Got Famous and Her Incredible Journey to Music Stardom

At Promolta we do a lot of case studies about successful creators and share key lessons.

Today’s subject is Kelly Clarkson. She has 4.17M YouTube subscribers, 3B lifetime views, and a $50M net worth.

Here are 5 important lessons from her success.

1. Don’t listen to experts

Before winning American Idol, Kelly Clarkson was turned down by every American record label. Not only did EVERYONE reject her but they also gave her bad advice. Thus, don’t listen to experts. Don’t let rejection bother you. Take comfort in knowing that you will prove them all wrong.

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2. Seize opportunities

Kelly Clarkson took a chance on a new show called American Idol which opened many doors for her. Meaning she participated in the 1st season BEFORE the show was huge and she won. This showed everyone how talented she was and got her signed by RCA Records. Thus, when you see new opportunities, seize them.

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3. Ignore stereotypes

Kelly’s debut album “Thankful” was released on April 15th, 2003 and contained elements of Pop, R&B, and Gospel. Thus, when you’re creating content don’t try to fit into some mold that already exists. It’s okay if your content is different and hard to classify. It’s okay if you don’t fit into 1 specific niche. Kelly Clarkson’s hit album also did not fit into 1 niche but fans loved it.

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4. Follow your gut

All creators would be more successful if they pay attention to their instincts. Truly listen to what your gut feeling is telling you to do. For example, Kelly Clarkson did not like the Pop music for her 2nd album and she developed more of a ROCK sound instead. This resulted in “Breakaway” becoming her most successful commercial album ever. Thus, when you have a feeling about something, don’t ignore it.

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5. Stand your ground

Kelly Clarkson’s management team tried to get her to lose weight and look a certain way. They wanted her to have a specific music star look. But Kelly did NOT listen. She stood her ground and said that’s just not her. She wanted to be authentic and for fans to truly love her for who she is (see here). Thus, when you get pressure from others to change something about yourself, don’t listen.

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