Here is How Charlie Puth Got Famous and Became a Successful Musician

Charlie Puth is a 32-year-old singer and songwriter. He has 22,400,000 YouTube subscribers and billions of views.

His music video was actually the most-viewed video on YouTube from July 10 to August 4, 2017.

Here are 4 important lessons from his success.

1. Expect people to fail you

After Charlie got signed by eleveneleven record label all the execs just GHOSTED him. Meaning all people just stopped replying to him. Imagine how crazy that is. Thus, expect and don’t be surprised when people fail you. The journey to success is long and many folks helping you won’t have what it takes.

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2. Don’t get frustrated by rejections

Charlie Puth was rejected by America’s Got Talent and 15 other shows MANY TIMES. Imagine how many people did not see the MASSIVE potential of a creator who would later have 22.4M YouTube subs? Thus, when people reject you and don’t believe in your vision, ignore them. Think of Charlie.

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3. Aim to create a viral video

Charlie’s life changed when his song “See You Again” blew up to over 1 billion YouTube views. Not 1 million but 1 BILLION. Charlie is just a regular guy from New Jersey and his entire life changed with 1 piece of content. Thus, work to create that epic, game changing video which can take your career 10X forward.

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4. Don’t stretch your work

Charlie Puth wrote his part for the “See You Again” song in under 10 MINUTES (see here). Think how crazy that is. The song which made Charlie famous took him only 10 minutes to make. So when you’re creating content don’t stretch your time unnecessarily. Focus on the work, not the effort.

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