How To Go Viral On YouTube Like Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style is the first video to cross two billion views on YouTube. Despite having Korean lyrics, the video became an international hit with catchy beats and bizarre dance moves.

So how did Gangnam Style go viral on YouTube?

Below are 7 strategies that makers of Gangnam Style adopted to go viral on YouTube:

1. Had a clear goal for their viral campaign

YG Entertainment, the label behind Gangnam Style had one clear goal: set up a foothold in the U.S music industry. To boost its presence in a new market, the label planned to release a viral music video.

2. Built a large audience to make Gangnam style go viral on YouTube

YG Entertainment built a large audience to push their viral campaign. The label had managed to establish a notable presence within the K-pop (Korea Pop) sector much before the release of Gangnam Style. They had also acquired over 2.5 million subscribers and 1.6 billion views across all their YouTube channels. Thus, YG Entertainment’s well established platform was instrumental in making Gangnam Style go viral on YouTube. The video received 500k views on the first day due to the label’s existing audience base.

3. Created engaging content to make the video go viral on YouTube

Gangnam Style became a viral pandemic due its funny and engaging content. Psy’s flashy clothes, quirky galloping-horse dance moves and absurd settings made Gangnam Style a viral success. Additionally, YG Entertainment cast popular South Korean celebrities to get media attention. They featured a popular entertainer (the guy who is thrusting in the lift), a renowned comedian (the chap who stood out in a yellow suit) and a popular kid from Korea’s Got Talent. The label chose a star-studded cast to make Gangnam Style a hit in South Korea before it moved on to establish popularity globally.

go viral on youtube like gangnam style


go viral on youtube like gangnam style

4. Teased early adopters with the video

Gangnam Style’s launch was preceded by two tweets from @AllKPop. is an American based celebrity and music site covering the Korean music industry. The tweets offered teasers of the video and generated buzz for its launch. 

5. Received media attention organically

Gizmodo was the first mainstream news site to feature Gangnam Style. Soon, other publications caught on to the trend and published a barrage of stories featuring Psy’s song. Global traffic to the video witnessed a spike, especially after Billboard wrote about the music video. Additionally, popular celebrities like Britney Spears, KatyPerry and Tom Cruise began tweeting about Gangnam Style. This increased the video’s visibility by manifold.

Celebrity tweets helped the video go viral

Celebrity tweets helped the video go viral

Celebrity tweets helped the video go viral on YouTube

6. Partnered with the right people to keep the momentum of the campaign going

To boost the campaign’s momentum, the label uploaded a video of Psy sharing a drink with Scooter Braun. Braun is a renowned talent manager who had managed Justin Bieber. The video gained tremendous media attention. Every rumor magazine and music publication covered the story. This well executed marketing stunt caused a sudden spike in the video’s view count.

7. Arranged media appearances 

Scooter Braun’s impressive contact list helped Psy to get air time on popular American TV shows. He appeared on Ellen along with Britney Spears and also attended the MTV Awards as a last minute guest. 

The Gangnam Style viral campaign has valuable lessons for all YouTubers. It highlights the importance of building a community, engaging with influencers and advancing the momentum by adopting well planned strategies. Use the above case study as an inspiration to make your video go viral on YouTube.

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