How To Successfully Promote YouTube Videos

Do you want millions of viewers for your next YouTube video? The secret to going viral is to devise clever YouTube video promotion strategies.

Follow this crash course in video promotion to rise to the top of the class.

Promote YouTube videos

1. Write catchy titles

Think of YouTube as a library and each video as a new book. Would you be more likely to pick up a book titled Clara’s Fantastic Adventures Through Space And Time or a book called The Time Traveller? A title should hook the viewers and reel them in. To further boost your visibility, make your titles searchable, and use a goood number of keywords.

Watch this video to learn how to write video titles that are descriptive and engaging.

Source: YouTube Creator Academy

2. Write informative descriptions

YouTube descriptions are the key to unlocking ultimate SEO. They rank your videos more highly in search results. Descriptions are like the summary on the back of a book. A summary on the back of Clara’s Fantastic Adventures Through Space And Time might tell potential readers how the main character trips over a time travelling machine when she’s running late to class, but it certaintly shouldn’t reveal the ending. A good description both tells what the video is about while also piquing curiosity.

Watch the video below on how to write an awesome YouTube video description.

Source: YouTube Creator Academy

3. Create click-compelling thumbnail images

According to YouTube Creator Academy, 90% of videos that perform well on YouTube have custom thumbnails. For successful YouTube video promotion, it is necessary to create visually engaging thumbnails to attract viewers and increase click throughs.The thumbnail is the cover of a book. The cover of Clara’s Fantastic Adventures Through Space And Time would attract far more viewers if it showed the protagonist sticking her head out of the time machine rather than a close-up of her face. A good thumbnail image represents the main idea of your video.

Check out this video on how to create attractive thumbnail images.

Source: YouTube Creator Academy

4. Write appropriate tags

Tags are important to rank your YouTube videos in search results because it optimizes metadata. This could be compared to how a book is sorted into different genres or categories. A reader searching for a book on time travel doesn’t want to search through a dozen books about telling time.

Watch this video about writing appropriate YouTube video tags.

Source: Derral Eves

5. Use annotations

Annotations make your videos extremely interactive, driving audience engagement. They compel viewers to perform an action, such as like, share, or watch more videos on your channel. If your video was a bestselling novel, then the annotations would be the ads on the last few pages inviting readers to sign up for the author’s newsletter or announcing upcoming book releases.

Check out the video below to understand why you MUST use annotations to promote your YouTube videos.

Source: YouTube Creator Academy

Watch this video to learn how to create YouTube video annotations.

Source: Derral Eves

6. Make playlists

More than improving watch-time, playlists organize your content. They also give viewers a more comfortable viewing experience. A playlist sorts videos into a list like books in a series. If a reader enjoyed Clara’s Fantastic Adventures Through Space and Time, then he or she would love nothing more than to immeadiately start reading Clara’s Amazing Return To The Moon. Use YouTube playlists to entice viewers to watch more of your videos.

Check out this video to help you understand why playlists are an important promotion tool.

Source: YouTube Creator Academy

Watch the below video to learn how to create YouTube playlists:

Source: David WalshOnline

7. Build a consistent brand for your YouTube channel

Consistent branding creates a strong identity for your YouTube channel. Develop a memorable brand to enhance loyalty and channel recall among viewers. You probably remember your favorite childhood author. Ask yourself what was so memorable about that particular author’s writing or branding.

Watch this video about branding your channel for successful YouTube video promotion.

Source: YouTube Creator Academy

8. Create an impressive channel trailer

Channel trailers are a great way to create a good first impression. They introduce new viewers to your channel personally. A channel trailer is like a book teaser. It the the prologue that pulls viewers in for more.

Watch the video below to create an incredible channel trailer.

Source: YouTube Creator Academy

9. Create a YouTube subscribe widget on your website

Add a one-click Youtube subscribe widget to your blogs and websites to allow visitors to subscribe to your channel without leaving the website. Installing a subsribe widgit will increase your number of subscribers.

Watch this video to learn how to add a subscribe widget to your website.

Source: isitebuild

10. Create collab videos

Collaborate with other prominent YouTubers to reach new audiences. Collab videos are like a co-authored book; two heads are better than one. 

Check out this video to get cool collab video ideas.

Source: YouTube Creator Academy

11. Upload videos regularly

Consistency is a top priority in successful YouTube video promotion. Imagine that the author of the Clara’s Adventures series released two books the first year but then waited three more years before completing the series. Readers would surely get irritated and give up on the author. Your videos need to be released in a timely, scheduled manner to keep up with your viewers.

Check out the video below to help you understand the importance of uploading videos regularly.

Source: YouTube Creator Academy

YouTube is a powerful medium to reach a huge number of viewers. However, it is an increasingly competitive platform. Unless you adopt aggressive strategies, you’ll be drowned out by the sea of noise. These strategies will help you not only to stay afloat, but to sail around the world.

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