How To Go Viral On YouTube For Free

Include popular entities in your viral video marketing campaign to get maximum exposure. These entities could be people, brands or companies with a large online following. Follow the below step-by-step guide to identify entities and get them to share your YouTube videos for free:

1. Identify parties who have an interest in your YouTube video

Think of all the entities that would benefit from free publicity, if your YouTube video went viral. These entities could include popular clothing brands, gadgets, locations and musicians. In return, you can request these parties to push your video to their networks. Popular brands, companies and artists tend to have a large online following and can be very instrumental in marketing your video.

2. Find a way to represent all parties in your video

Much like a product placement, find a way to represent stakeholders in your YouTube video. For instance, you can wear branded clothing and accessories, include an over the shoulder shot of a gadget, film outside a popular restaurant or cafe, use a licensed song by a popular musician or even subtly promote an upcoming movie by having a poster in the background. Include links to all the entities you have represented, in your YouTube video description. 

3. Reach out and get all parties to promote your video

Reach out to all these entities and request them to share your YouTube video with their networks. A single tweet about your video, by a popular clothing brand, can skyrocket your views. However, you need to convince these entities that your video has the promise of going viral. Create remarkable and unusual content to convince stakeholders that your video is worth promoting. Brands and individuals will promote others’ content only if they notice a personal benefit. Get them to share your video to reach a vast network of untapped audience and create a snowballing effect. 

Entities with a significant online fan following, can be very instrumental in amplifying your YouTube video’s reach. Identify these entities and leverage them as valuable resources for your viral video marketing efforts. 

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